1. expect to do sth. 期望做某事

expect sb. to do sth 期望某人做某事

2. catch up with 追上,赶上

3. different kinds of music 各种不同的音乐

4. quiet and gentle songs 轻柔的歌曲

5. take…to… 带……到……

6. remind…of… 使某人想起或意识到……

7. her own songs 她自己的歌曲

8. be important to 对……重要

9. Yellow River 黄河

10. Hong Tao’s latest movie


11. over the years 多年来

12. be sure to do sth. 务必/一定做某事

13. one of the best known Chinese photographers 世界上最有名的中国摄影家之一

14. on display 展览,展出

15. come and go 来来往往

16. can’t stand 不能忍受


1. I love singers who write their own music. 我喜欢自己创作曲子的歌手。

2. We prefer music that has great lyrics.


3. What do you dislike about this CD.


4. What does it remind you of?


5. The music reminds me of Brazilian dance music. 这首曲子使我想起了巴西舞曲。

6. It does have a few good features, though. 然而,它的确也有一些好的方面。

7. She really has something for everyone. 每个人的确都能从她的作品中领悟到一些东西。

8. Whatever you do, don’t miss this exhibition. 无论怎样,你都不能错过这个展览会。

9. As the name suggests, the band has a lot of energy. 正如乐队名字所暗示的那样, 这支乐队很有活力。

10. Some people say they are boring, but others say they are great.


11. I f I were you, I’d eat nuts instead.




1. prefer v. 更喜欢,宁愿

prefer sth. 更喜欢某事

I prefer English. 我更喜欢英语。

prefer to do. 宁愿做某事

I prefer to sit. 我宁愿坐着。

prefer sth to sth. 同……相比更喜欢……

I prefer dogs to cats. 与猫相比我更喜欢狗。

prefer doing to doing.


I prefer walking to sitting.


2. along with 伴随… , 同… 一道

I will go along with you. 我同你一道去。

3. dance to sth. 随着……跳舞(用的介词是to,这一点要注意)

She likes dancing to the music.


4. music n. 音乐

musician n. 音乐家

5. unfortunately adv.不幸运地

fortunately adv.幸运地(如果你把这个词记住了,那考试的时候你就是幸运的~)

6. fun n. 有趣

funny adj. 有趣的,滑稽的

7. be sure to do 一定做某事,肯定做某事

It is sure to snow. 肯定要下雪

8. known adj. 有名的,著名的(记住意思)

9. on display 展览(常见短语)

10. energy n.活力

energetic adj.有活力的

11. most of… ……的大多数

12. keep healthy 保持健康

13. get together 聚在一起

14. discuss v.讨论

discussion n.讨论

15. be bad for sth. 对…有坏处

16. take care of = look after 照顾

She often takes care of/looks after her son

17. stay away from 远离……

Stay away from me. I have a cold.


18. to be honest 老实说

To be honest I really like flowers.


19. dislike 不喜欢 反义词:like 喜欢

20. fisherman 渔夫


21. photography n. 摄影;

photograph n. 照片 相片;

photographer n. 摄影师

22. be in agreement


They are in agreement on that question. 他们对那个问题意见一致。

23. even if 甚至

24. mainly adv. 主要地 首要地



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